Outreach Programmes

Imbali Project

Our partnership with the Imbali Project started in 2000 when we were invited to assist in the formation of the Imbali-Visual Literacy Programme in Kylemore, Stellenbosch. The project aimed to introduce Art and Craft classes for children in the Kylemore community.

The Children’s Art Centre presents classes for school learners once monthly on Saturday mornings from 9.30am to 1pm.

School Outreach Programme

In 2022 we started an outreach programme which took the form of a mentorship and outreach approach. One of the art centre teachers engages in an itinerant system where she visits the partner school once every two weeks and provides support to the school and learners in creative arts teaching methodology and creating artworks. These works are assessed and form part of the school’s and art centre’s exhibition. We have also introduced a workshop approach outreach to schools further away from the centre and those that cannot form part of our daily programme. We offer an all day workshop at the end of each term to expose learners and teachers to Creative Arts teaching by specialists and at the same time developing a partnership for future engagements between our outreach schools and the Art Centre in terms of continued mentorship and support. Interested schools are invited to contact the Art Centre to arrange in advance to be included in this programme.

Learn more about Imbali

Visit Imbali’s website: www.imbaliwc.co.za

Learn more about School Outreach Programmes

Contact 021 465 3140 or email admin@thechildrensartcentre.co.za

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