Uplifting Children
We provide a creative and stimulating environment where differences are celebrated, and self-esteem is enhanced.

Uplifting Children from disadvantaged communities

The Children’s Art Centre designs and facilitates comprehensive visual art education programmes for approximately 2300 primary and high school children per year.

Our weekly classes are compulsory for all our feeder schools within walking distance of our Art Centre.

Our Schools

Chapel Street Primary

Holy Cross Primary

Zonnebloem Girl’s Primary

Zonnebloem Boy’s Primary

Walmer Primary

Rahmaniyeh Primary

School fees

In the interest of accessibility our annual school fees for Primary Schools are R75.00, amounting to R18.75 per term per child and for High School students R800.00 per year, inclusive of all materials and printing.

Our teaching includes, but are not limited to:





Textile Design

We also work hand in hand with our partner schools to incorporate and accommodate special requests, workshops and projects such as:

Are you interested in joining our programmes?

Contact our team on admin@thechildrensartcentre.co.za or call 021 465 3140.

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